Our Blogging Guidelines

We have discussed and decided as a class on theseguidelines for the use of our class blog.

It is really important we all abide by them because they are designed to keep us safe while we are online!

We will...
  • only ever use our FIRST name on the blog
  • get all posts on the blog CHECKED by Rachel before publishing
  • never put any of our personal DETAILS online - this includes phone numbers, addresses, personal email addresses or family information
  • only have our name, work or photo on the blog if we have written PARENT PERMISSION
  • only display nice PHOTOS of other people (check with them first - we don't want them to feel embarrassed)
  • be RESPONSIBLE when writing and using our class blog

We also ask that...
  • parents and adults commenting only use their FIRST name or describe themselves as "John's Mum" (for example) so they don't identify their child

All comments on our blog are also "moderated" by Rachel first. This means she checks them and they have to be approved by her before they go onto our blog.

It is VERY important to keep safe online so ALL of Room 4 have agreed to these guidelines.

If you have any other questions or comments about the security of Room 4's blog, please contact Rachel.