Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy World Teachers' Day!

Today it is World Teachers' Day.

Room 4 got two people from every class in the school to help us make a special surprise for our teachers.

We made a wonderful video saying why we like our teachers.

We hope you enjoy it, from all the students at Waiuku Primary.

Writing by Natasha, Waima and Laura

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

We are growing healthy sunflowers

This term, in Room 4 we are growing dwarf sunflowers.

First we chose a pot. You had the choice of terracotta or green. Then we decorated the pots using colourful contact like you cover your books with.

After we had done that we put soil in the pots. Then we got given two seeds. We put the seeds in and covered them with soil.

Next we watered our sunflower seeds. We are watching them closely. We are hoping they grow soon!

We hope that they grow up to be healthy plants. Yellow and brown is the colours of a sunflower.

By Selena & Lexie.

We are getting paid for coming to school!

Room 4 is getting paid money every day if we came to school. The money is special “Room 4 money”.

If you don’t come to school we will not get paid. We get paid$2 to come to school. Then we have to pay Rachel for rental of our chair and desk.

Room 4 gets to buy these things with their money.
· have a pillow for the whole day $3
· first choice of job responsibilities $4
· sit on a chair instead of sitting on the mat $5
· 5 minutes early to morning tea $6
· 5 minutes early to lunch $7
· 5 minutes of stencils in class time $7
· make a fancy desk sign $7
· first choice of sports gear for the day $8
· 5 minutes on computer in class time $8
· run the morning programme (roll, absences, calendar etc.) $9
· 5 minutes free choice games in class time (with bubby) $6
· choose activities for group on task board (reading) $11
· 10 minutes on the computer

Rachel pays us extra money if we are good. We can get money for working hard, being star of the day or being spotted by a learning detective or being helpful.
Here is a photo of our Room 4 shop and what we can buy.

By Ryan and Natasha

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Art Exhibition

On Wednesday last week Waiuku Primary School had an Art Exhibition.

Each class did some artwork.

Room 4 did a print of “Where the Wild Things Are”. Some people got certificates: Jack D, Luke, Tauryn, Waima and Ryan. There was heaps of art there.

Other art works were good too. Room 6 did a “Where the Wild Things are” paper mache monsters. They were really cool.

There were heaps of different colours. We loved all of the art.

By Laura and Waima