Thursday, September 23, 2010

Christchurch Earthquake Fundraising - Part 2

Today we are having another trash and treasure sale to raise money for the Red Cross to give to Christchurch.
First we put the toys into the right groups.
Next we see how much money the toys are.
Last we get all the people in the school to come and buy some toys and to have fun with the toys and play with them.
We hope we raise lots of money

By Nick and Aidan

Today we raised $95.30 bringing our
Fundraising grand total to: $360.30

What a fantastic job you have done Room 4!
Rachel will deliver the cheque from the school to the Red Cross when she is in Christchurch in 2 weeks!


23rd of September 2010 it is equinox day. It is when day and night are of equal length and only occurs once a year. It is today.

By Selena

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Arts Alive Performance

On Monday the 20th of September, Syndicate 2 did an Arts Alive performance.

First Room 6 did an interesting dance all about magic playdough. When the kids were not looking it would jump off the big table.

Then room 5 went and did a cool play about The Three Little Pigs.

Last was our class, Room 4, we did two ribbon dances. Our first dance was not that good. Our next dance was really good, it looked amazing. We did lots of circles and moving with our ribbons and bodies.

By Waima and Laura

Monday, September 20, 2010

Christchurch Earthquake Fundraising Update

On Friday Room 4 held a Trash and Treasure Sale at our school.
We had LOADS of awesome items for sale and a raffle.
You could buy great things from just 10c!

Our Trash and Treasure Sale raised $115 for the Red Cross' Christchurch Earthquake Appeal.

Well done Room 4, that brings our fundraising up to a total of $265 - WOW!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Earthquake Fundraising: Room 4's Bake Sale

Today Room 4 had a Bake Sale to raise money for the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal.

We baked some food last night to bring to school to sell. At school we had to get organised. We made signs that said 20c, 50c and $1. We cleaned our tables so everything was clean for the food. Then we had to decide how much the food would cost.

Here are some photos of JUST SOME of the delicious food we had on sale:

"I felt really glad because we had so much people coming. I thought we
wouldn't sell much food" - Waima

" I felt really busy because I had to give stamps to everyone who had paid"
- Lexie

" I felt really nervous because I didn't think we had enough food to feed
the long line of people" - Ryan

"It felt really fun because I had to ask people what they wanted and then I
had to give it to them. I liked being the cashier" - Cory

"I felt excited. I had to go really fast because there was so many people
that were trying to buy things at the same time" - Campbell

" I felt nervous when I saw the long line of people coming to buy some
food" - Caleb

"I felt really, really excited, when I came back from a job I saw a giant
line and a whole lot of people in our classroom" - Emily

" I felt cool because I got to stamp everybody's hand who paid" -

WE RAISED JUST UNDER $150!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you so much to all the children from Waiuku Primary who came and spent their pocket money.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How to keep safe in an earthquake

We have been listening to this great song made by Julie Wylie.
It is all about how to keep safe in an earthquake.

The main words are:
Stop, drop, be like a turtle,
Under the table, away from the windows.
Stay still under the table,
Wait 'till the shaking stops!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Our Earthquake Fundraising Assembly Presentation

On Friday Cory, Tauryn and Emily gave a presentation to our WHOLE school at assembly on Friday.

They were telling them all about Room 4's fundraising we are having this week to raise money for the Christchurch earthquake victims.

Check out their amazing clear speaking!

Well done Tauryn, Emily and Cory!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Earthquake Relief Fundraising

Room 4 Earthquake Relief Fundraising

Bake Sale!
This Thursday at morning tea in Room 4
Yummy things to buy for 50c and $1
Bring your pocket money!!

Trash and Treasure Sale!
This Friday at lunchtime (1:10pm) in Room 4
Awesome toys, games, books and more for sale for 10c, 20c, 50c & $1.
Bring your pocket money and buy some cool stuff!


Dig deep for a good cause!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Helping Earthquake Victims

We are thinking of how we can help the people of Christchurch who have been hurt by the earthquake.

Cory had an idea that we could fundraise for them. Fundraising means getting some money and giving it to them.

We think the money would be useful because:
  • to get food to them
  • to help them get gas to get away to other places
  • to help them buy new houses or ask builders to build new houses
  • get people to fix up the water pipes
  • buying things they need - to replace what has been broken

Some of our ideas for fundraising are:
  • make a box for people to put food into in the office, then send it to New World who are collecting for the Red Cross - Cory
  • have a trash and treasure sale where we bring in stuff from home we don't want anymore and sell it to children at school - Waima
  • bring food from home that we don't want and put it in the box in the office - Ryan
  • make some signs up around the school and in New World to get people to help us collect food for the Red Cross - Natasha
  • have a bake sale where we all make yummy food at home and sell it to people in the school
We have sent an email to Miss Joplin (our Principal) asking her if we are allowed to do any of our ideas.It makes us feel really good, happy and glad to help Christchurch people who were in the earthquake.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Christchurch Earthquake

We have been learning about the BIG earthquake that happened in Christchurch over the weekend.

Christchurch is in the South Island of New Zealand. Rachel comes from Nelson in the South Island and she lived in Christchurch while she learned to be a teacher about 10 years ago.
We used this page from Kiwi Kids News to learn more about it. It has videos from the TV news and information about Earthquakes in it.
We pretended we were Newspaper Reporters and wrote some quick reports about the earthquake. Have a read...
The Christchurch Earthquake
On Saturday in Christchurch before 4:30am there was an earthquake. There was no water or power. Everything in their houses was falling down. After the earthquake there was cracks in the ground. There were heaps of workers fixing the road.
By Jack B
The Christchurch Earthquake
On Saturday 4th of September just before 4:30am there was an earthquake in Christchurch. There was no water and no power. Some of the buildings fell down. On the news some kids were playing in the big cracks in the roads.
By Aidan
The Christchurch Earthquake
On the 4th of September on Saturday there was a big warthquake. It was in Christchurch. The time was 4:30 in the morning. There was a flood too. There was no power and no water. Some cars got crashed by some buildings and metal. The road got wrecked by the earthquake A whole lot of people's homes got destroyed. The police helped to get people out of their houses. The fire brigade also helped get everyone out safely.

By Waima
See the video below for what it was like in Noel Leemings in Christchurch during the earthquake:

An email to Gil

Today we read an email Gil sent to us. He has left Waiuku and moved all the way to Israel.

We wrote him back an email, this is what it said:

Dear Gil,

We got your message. We heard it is really hot in Israel.

We fixed it so that you can go back into Mathletics. We can see how many points you get!
We also heard that you cannot understand the language in Israel. Maybe you could learn a few words to make it easier.

Here are some messages from Room 4:

  • We miss you - from Emily
  • You had better remember me, I'm one of your best friends - From Cory
  • I hope you enjoy living in Israel - From Waima
  • Do you think it is cool in Israel? - From Ryan
  • What is it like in Israel? What do they eat? - From Tauryn
  • Is it fun in Israel? - From Caleb
  • How is your school in Israel? - From Nick
  • What is your class' name? - From Natasha
  • We have been missing you for weeks - from Luke


From Room 4 & Rachel

Kidpix by Nick

We hope we get a reply soon!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Take our "What is the Arts?" QUIZ!

Do you think you know about
"The Arts"?

Test your knowledge below in the QUIZ we made!
Press the play button to begin :)

Leave us a comment to tell us how many you get right!

A farm

Lexie wrote a brilliant acrostic poem about "A Farm" at home... read it below

A cow eating grass.

Farmers plowing.

Animals waiting hungrily for FOOD!

Red barn yard with a chicken at the top.

Mysterious cats peering through the BUSHES!

By Lexie

Friday, September 3, 2010

Concrete (shape) poems

WALHT write a concrete (shape) poem.

Here are some of our shape poems published using Comic Life.
Click on the image to see it bigger!

Here are some of our concrete poems published using Tagul


By Nick

Our class heart adjective shape poem:

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ka Kite Winter

Ka Kite (Goodbye) Winter!

Ka Kite warm hot chocolate (Laura)
Ka Kite cold weather (Jaidyn)
Ka Kite bad storms (Caleb)
And freezing dangerous wind (Waima)

Haere Ra fun playing inside (Ryan)
Haere Ra mud all around (Cory)
Haere ra hot fires (Natasha)
And fun cool games (Tauryn)

Kia Ora tweeting, singing birds (Emily)
Kia Ora beautiful butterflies (Campbell)
Kia Ora baby lambs and bugs (Selena)
And buzzing bees (Jack B)

Haere Mai bright leaves (Shardia)
Haere Mai extraordinary, happy flowers (Aidan)
Haere Mai growing grass (James)
And blossom trees starting to grow (Emily)

WALT use adjectives in our poetry to make it interesting.

We decided upon the following success criteria as a class. If we do these things it will make sure our poems are interesting.
  • use one adjective to describe the 'thing' per line of poem
  • don't use the same adjective twice.

Check out this video to learn more about adjectives:

  • An adjective can make our poems interesting - Jack B.
  • An adjective is a describing word - Ryan
  • An adjective describes a thing "noun" - Laura & Tauryn
  • Using adjectives adds more detail - Cory