Monday, September 6, 2010

Take our "What is the Arts?" QUIZ!

Do you think you know about
"The Arts"?

Test your knowledge below in the QUIZ we made!
Press the play button to begin :)

Leave us a comment to tell us how many you get right!


Ryan and Waima said...

Hey Room 4,

We have been doing some good learning, and we both think that our questions are really great. Lets keep up the great work.

emilys mum said...

hi room4

great quiz! look forward to your performance

my mum got all of them right

Ian said...

Love your quiz Room4 - It was a bit difficult though - so I will have to come and do some learning in your class.

NaketaNZ said...

Room 4 that was super duper cool! I am going to ask my teachers to take your quiz. It was very well presented and I enjoyed the images that you had with the questions.

MsF said...

Hi Room 4
I got them all right - must be because they were such good questions. Or it could be because I LOVE the Arts?!
MsF Reremoana School

JamesL said...

it was cool

Anonymous said...

Hi Room 4
Really enjoyed your quiz. It's great to see you are thinking about The Arts. Wish I was closer to your school so I could come and see your production. I see you must be doing Jump Jam too. My class are doing one as part of our folk dance display next week. I think my class would vote once a day!!! Good luck for your perforance.

Paula said...

Wow Room 4, what a terrific quiz. This is a great way of sharing your learning and to get your readers thinking about your inquiry topic. I had to take a 'good' guess at what you were doing in week 10 (but luckily I got it right!) I'm going to have to visit again because I'd love to see something about your performance.
I have used Photopeach heaps of times and have never seen where you can make the 'quiz' bit, I'm going to have to go and have an explore now. Thanks for giving me some direction with my own learning too!
You are all amazing :)

Caleb's Mum said...

Hi Room 4, I really like your Arts quiz and can't wait to see your performance. Caleb was really happy that I got all the questions right! From Caleb's Mum :)

James Mum said...

What a great quiz, James made me sit down and answer all the questions, I only got one wrong which was the last one, about what your doing next term. James thought it was pretty funny that I got it wrong and told me the right answer.

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