Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mars Vs Earth

For our Inquiry topic we have been learning about Mars and wondering if it would be a good place for humans to live on. We know that Earth is very special and unique, but what about Mars?

We watched this video several times to get information (click here to view). Each time we watched it we had a particular focus or question that we were trying to find the answer to. In our Inquiry groups we discussed what we learned.

Here are some diagrams we made using webspiration about ways that Mars and Earth are DIFFERENT and the SAME.
(click on the pictures to see our thinking bigger)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Letters to the Astronomers

We have been learning to write letters to communicate with people.

Today we wrote thank you letters to the astronomers for coming out to our school last week with their amazing telescopes.

Take a read of some of our brilliant letters below, do you think they meet our success criteria?

21 George Street,

25 May 2010

Dear Chris, John and Arthur,

Thank you for coming to Waiuku Primary School with the telescopes so we can see the moon and Saturn. I enjoyed seeing Saturn.

From Jack D.


21 George Street,

25 May 2010

Dear Chris, John and Arthur,

Thank you for taking the telescopes to our school. I have learned a lot about the planets because you let us see through the telescopes.

From Tauryn


21 George Street,

25 May 2010

Dear Chris, John and Arthur,

Thank you for coming to Waiuku Primary School. I really liked it. It was amazing because Saturn was very small. The telescopes were very amazing too. Please come next year!

From Emily

Space Poems

We are learning how to present space poems.
At the end of the term we are having a poem recital. We have been learning different space poems and working hard to recite them with expression and to read them clearly. We don't want it to sound like we are robots reading!

Take a listen to us reading the poem "Space" and let us know what you think of our presentation!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Viewing Planets & Stars

Yesterday night I looked through the telescopes. 
I saw Saturn.
By Luke

Last night my Mum and I went back to school because the Astronomy Club came to our school. They came so we could look at some planets, the moon and the stars.
We watched a movie and looked in the telescopes.  My favourite part was when we watched the movie. It was fun.
By Waima

Yesterday night at 7pm Room 4, 5 and 6 came to Waiuku Primary School. We looked at the moon and at Saturn through a telescope. The astronomer had to keep adjusting it because the planet moves away. It was fun. The astronomers came because we are learning about Space. 
To see a planet you need a telescope. The telescope that looked like wood you could see the moon through.
By Jack D

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Our Blogging Guidelines

We have discussed and decided as a class on these guidelines for the use of our class blog.

It is really important we all abide by them because they are designed to keep us safe while we are online!

We will...
  • only ever use our FIRST name on the blog
  • get all posts on the blog CHECKED by Rachel before publishing
  • never put any of our personal DETAILS online - this includes phone numbers, addresses, personal email addresses or family information
  • only have our name, work or photo on the blog if we have written PARENT PERMISSION
  • only display nice PHOTOS of other people (check with them first - we don't want them to feel embarrassed)
  • be RESPONSIBLE when writing and using our class blog

We also ask that...
  • parents and adults commenting only use their FIRST name or describe themselves as "John's Mum" (for example) so they don't identify their child

All comments on our blog are also "moderated" by Rachel first. This means she checks them and they have to be approved by her before they go onto our blog.

It is VERY important to keep safe online so ALL of Room 4 have agreed to these guidelines.

If you have any other questions or comments about the security of Room 4's blog, please contact Rachel.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Book Character Parade

On Friday (when it was also Natasha and Cory's birthday) our school had a book character parade. We all dressed up in our favourite book character costumes and got to parade around in front of the whole school.

Room 4 dressed up as lots of amazing characters! We had Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Little Red Riding Hood, The White Witch, Hannah Montana, Batman, Thomas the Tank Engine, Zac Power, "The Tiger who came to tea" a skeleton, a robber from Cops and Robbers and a cowboy. Rachel dressed up as Cat in the Hat.

Emily, who was dressed as a robber from Cops and Robbers, was the winner from Room 4, she won some new books!

"It was fun at the book parade because I was dressed up as Batman" - Caleb
"It was excellent at the book character parade" - Lexie
"It was fun because heaps of people were dressed up" - Jaidyn
"People looked cool in their costumes" - Campbell
"I was Thomas the Tank Engine" - Jack D

Our special visitor

Last week Room 4 had a special visitor. His name was Geronimo Stilton. He was a mouse.
He came to Waiuku because he is a famous book character and we were having a book fair.
We got to have photos with Geronimo. We also got a special stamp on our hands from him. It had his name on it. Geronomo was a bit scared of us, he was very shy. We found out that Geronimo liked cheese. When we said "cheese" when the photo was taken he sniffed us!

"I thought Geronimo was fun!' - Selena
"I though that Geronomo was funny because when we sais cheese he would sniff us" - Lexie
"Geronimo was funny because he sniffed us" - Caleb
"Geronomo was soft and he liked cuddling his tail" - Tauryn
"I thought Geronimo was confortable to hug" - Charlotte

Monday, May 10, 2010


Welcome to the BRAND NEW blog of Room 4 @ Waiuku School in New Zealand.

We are a year 2 class of 6 and 7 year olds and our teacher is Rachel Boyd.

On this blog we hope to share and celebrate our learning with you and gain feedback from you our audience and readers!

Feel free to leave us a comment :)

We are just getting started for the school year so stay tuned for more updates!