Friday, May 21, 2010

Viewing Planets & Stars

Yesterday night I looked through the telescopes. 
I saw Saturn.
By Luke

Last night my Mum and I went back to school because the Astronomy Club came to our school. They came so we could look at some planets, the moon and the stars.
We watched a movie and looked in the telescopes.  My favourite part was when we watched the movie. It was fun.
By Waima

Yesterday night at 7pm Room 4, 5 and 6 came to Waiuku Primary School. We looked at the moon and at Saturn through a telescope. The astronomer had to keep adjusting it because the planet moves away. It was fun. The astronomers came because we are learning about Space. 
To see a planet you need a telescope. The telescope that looked like wood you could see the moon through.
By Jack D


lexie said...

The class blog looks fantastic

Brittany said...

Hi my name is brittany
this blog looks sooo coool you guys did a really good job

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