Thursday, September 23, 2010

Christchurch Earthquake Fundraising - Part 2

Today we are having another trash and treasure sale to raise money for the Red Cross to give to Christchurch.
First we put the toys into the right groups.
Next we see how much money the toys are.
Last we get all the people in the school to come and buy some toys and to have fun with the toys and play with them.
We hope we raise lots of money

By Nick and Aidan

Today we raised $95.30 bringing our
Fundraising grand total to: $360.30

What a fantastic job you have done Room 4!
Rachel will deliver the cheque from the school to the Red Cross when she is in Christchurch in 2 weeks!


Miss Y said...

What a fantastic effort Room 4. You looked very busy when I came to have a look today. Well done!

Gil said...

good jod room 4! That is alot of money that you fundraised

Mrs McGhie and Room 16 said...

Hi Room 4,
We heard about you raising money for Christchurch.
You sure raised a lot of money. That was a really awesome idea that you had. We think it is neat the way you thought about other people and found a way to help them.
From Mrs McGhie and Room 16

Mr Webb and Room 8, Melville Intermediate said...

Room 4 and Rachel
Thanks for the comment that you left on our class page in Hamilton, yes we are hoping that we get lots of comments for the job that we have advertised.
Also Room 4 what a wonderful idea to raise money for Christchurch with all your wonderful fund-raising. We held a mufti day for the Earthquake and donated half the money to the Red Cross and half the money to the Salvation Army. I think its wonderful your school has made the effort and the people of Christchurch will appreciate it very much

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