Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Christchurch Earthquake

We have been learning about the BIG earthquake that happened in Christchurch over the weekend.

Christchurch is in the South Island of New Zealand. Rachel comes from Nelson in the South Island and she lived in Christchurch while she learned to be a teacher about 10 years ago.
We used this page from Kiwi Kids News to learn more about it. It has videos from the TV news and information about Earthquakes in it.
We pretended we were Newspaper Reporters and wrote some quick reports about the earthquake. Have a read...
The Christchurch Earthquake
On Saturday in Christchurch before 4:30am there was an earthquake. There was no water or power. Everything in their houses was falling down. After the earthquake there was cracks in the ground. There were heaps of workers fixing the road.
By Jack B
The Christchurch Earthquake
On Saturday 4th of September just before 4:30am there was an earthquake in Christchurch. There was no water and no power. Some of the buildings fell down. On the news some kids were playing in the big cracks in the roads.
By Aidan
The Christchurch Earthquake
On the 4th of September on Saturday there was a big warthquake. It was in Christchurch. The time was 4:30 in the morning. There was a flood too. There was no power and no water. Some cars got crashed by some buildings and metal. The road got wrecked by the earthquake A whole lot of people's homes got destroyed. The police helped to get people out of their houses. The fire brigade also helped get everyone out safely.

By Waima
See the video below for what it was like in Noel Leemings in Christchurch during the earthquake:

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Jamie (laura's brother) said...

wow i would be scared if I was in christchurch! Imagine having to live outside until someone says that you could go into your own home!

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