Thursday, September 9, 2010

Helping Earthquake Victims

We are thinking of how we can help the people of Christchurch who have been hurt by the earthquake.

Cory had an idea that we could fundraise for them. Fundraising means getting some money and giving it to them.

We think the money would be useful because:
  • to get food to them
  • to help them get gas to get away to other places
  • to help them buy new houses or ask builders to build new houses
  • get people to fix up the water pipes
  • buying things they need - to replace what has been broken

Some of our ideas for fundraising are:
  • make a box for people to put food into in the office, then send it to New World who are collecting for the Red Cross - Cory
  • have a trash and treasure sale where we bring in stuff from home we don't want anymore and sell it to children at school - Waima
  • bring food from home that we don't want and put it in the box in the office - Ryan
  • make some signs up around the school and in New World to get people to help us collect food for the Red Cross - Natasha
  • have a bake sale where we all make yummy food at home and sell it to people in the school
We have sent an email to Miss Joplin (our Principal) asking her if we are allowed to do any of our ideas.It makes us feel really good, happy and glad to help Christchurch people who were in the earthquake.

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