Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How to keep safe in an earthquake

We have been listening to this great song made by Julie Wylie.
It is all about how to keep safe in an earthquake.

The main words are:
Stop, drop, be like a turtle,
Under the table, away from the windows.
Stay still under the table,
Wait 'till the shaking stops!


campbell said...

thats a good song to know what to do if there is a Earthquake

James Mum said...

We have been watching this video and singing the song in our house and practising being turtles under the table. Thanks Rachel and room 4 for teaching us what to do to keep safe.

James L said...

i very enjoyed it

Georgia and james said...


thanks for teaching me how to keep safe when there's an earthquake.

Thanks room 4 and Rachel.

James L said...

it was good\cool

JamesL said...

it was good\cool

James L said...

it was good\cool

Amber Melbourne Australia said...

Dear Room 4
The song was amazing. Do you like music? What's your favourite song?

from Amber 2m

James L said...

it was rely rely rely cool

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