Tuesday, September 7, 2010

An email to Gil

Today we read an email Gil sent to us. He has left Waiuku and moved all the way to Israel.

We wrote him back an email, this is what it said:

Dear Gil,

We got your message. We heard it is really hot in Israel.

We fixed it so that you can go back into Mathletics. We can see how many points you get!
We also heard that you cannot understand the language in Israel. Maybe you could learn a few words to make it easier.

Here are some messages from Room 4:

  • We miss you - from Emily
  • You had better remember me, I'm one of your best friends - From Cory
  • I hope you enjoy living in Israel - From Waima
  • Do you think it is cool in Israel? - From Ryan
  • What is it like in Israel? What do they eat? - From Tauryn
  • Is it fun in Israel? - From Caleb
  • How is your school in Israel? - From Nick
  • What is your class' name? - From Natasha
  • We have been missing you for weeks - from Luke


From Room 4 & Rachel

Kidpix by Nick

We hope we get a reply soon!


gil said...

yes cory i will remember you and its kind of wierd at school and I don't remember my class name and the food is soo yummy (i'm talking about the sweets i can't stop eating them!!!)
I miss you all of you boys and girls to!

James Mum said...

Thats really cool that you guys have sorted it out so that Gil can still do his mathletics in Israel.. Good luck to Gil and his family, think of us when you eat those yummy sweets!!

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