Wednesday, October 27, 2010

We are getting paid for coming to school!

Room 4 is getting paid money every day if we came to school. The money is special “Room 4 money”.

If you don’t come to school we will not get paid. We get paid$2 to come to school. Then we have to pay Rachel for rental of our chair and desk.

Room 4 gets to buy these things with their money.
· have a pillow for the whole day $3
· first choice of job responsibilities $4
· sit on a chair instead of sitting on the mat $5
· 5 minutes early to morning tea $6
· 5 minutes early to lunch $7
· 5 minutes of stencils in class time $7
· make a fancy desk sign $7
· first choice of sports gear for the day $8
· 5 minutes on computer in class time $8
· run the morning programme (roll, absences, calendar etc.) $9
· 5 minutes free choice games in class time (with bubby) $6
· choose activities for group on task board (reading) $11
· 10 minutes on the computer

Rachel pays us extra money if we are good. We can get money for working hard, being star of the day or being spotted by a learning detective or being helpful.
Here is a photo of our Room 4 shop and what we can buy.

By Ryan and Natasha

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