Monday, August 16, 2010

Cross Country Running!

Last Tuesday we had the School Cross Country.
We have been training a lot and trying to run really fast.

First we sat in lines in our year groups. There was a year 2 girls and a year 2 boys line. The Year 0/1 girls ran first, then the boys. Next it was our turn... some of us had our hearts pumping really fast. Some of us were really nervous.

The year 2 girls ran first. Room 4 got some great placings:
  • 2nd - Natasha
  • 3rd - Laura
  • 4th - Lexie
  • 5th - Waima

Then the year 2 boys raced. Here are some of our best results:

  • 3rd - Ryan
  • 6th - Jack D
  • 7th - Aidan
  • 8th - Gil
  • 10th - Jaidyn

After the race we felt proud of ourselves but we were really puffed. It was so great to have lots of our parents and aunties come and watch us. We were very happy!

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Laura said...

Hi Room4
We did a great job in our Cross country.It was good that some of as got a place under 10
awesome job Room4

Ryan's Mum said...

Fantastic effort Room 4!!!! You must have practised a lot to get such awesome results!!! Well done Ry!!! Both Mum and Dad are extremely proud of you!!!

JamesL said...

it was cool

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