Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Messages for Charlotte

Back in Term 2 Charlotte left our school to move to England.

We got an email today from her with lots of photos and information about how she is.

We are going to Skype Charlotte, this means we are going to see and speak to her using the computer. When it is 9:30am on Thursday it will be 8:30pm on Wednesday for her!

Leave your messages for Charlotte in the Comments section Room 4 :)


Jack D said...

hi Charlotte I hope your having good time in
england.we all miss you chariotte.(from jack D.

Jack B said...

hi charlotte I hope you are having a good time in england.we are learning about plants. from Jack B.

luke said...

hi charlotte we mis ihope you have a nies bay charltte i hope you have a fatsicke siep.

aidan said...

we hope you are having a good time in the uk and taking care

from aidan

campbell said...

I hope your haveing a lot of fun and have met
lots of people.

Cory said...

hi Chalotte

we are missing you very much.we like what you said. from Cory

Laura said...

Hi charlotte
I relly miss you.Are you haveing fun in the UK.
I hope you come back sone

Emily said...

hi Charlotte

we miss you SO much. Rachel teching us new things. Hope you are engoying your new life

Shardia said...

Hi Chalotte
I miss you SO much I hop you are like the uk
form Shardia

selena said...

Hi charlotte
How are you. Do you now how many more year's until you come back.How are you in year 3.I canot
blevie you are in year 3.
from selena

Laura said...

Hi Charlotte
We relly mis you.Are you haveing fun in the UK.
from Laura

jaidyn said...

are you having fun in eingland
way is your school could
sowolo dall is bala
in eingland
wen are
you going to

get a car

Anonymous said...


Tauryn said...

Hi Charlotte have you made lots of friends ,and how is school . Room4 misses you . s From Tauryn.

ryan roomm4 said...

Hi Charlotte

We hope you like it in UK.Is it snowing now charlotte?. all of as miss you especpeshaly Me.

WAIMA said...

HI CHARLOTTE i miss you lots and lots. Room4 is LEARNING about plants and it is really fun. FROM WAIMA

Natasha said...

Hi Charlotte
do you like your new school? are you sttling in at your new school? is it fun on the playground there. By Natasha

james said...

hi charlotte

are you have fun

Lexie said...

Hi Carlotte
we hope you are having such a grate time in England.I have been to the palce as well.Some of my family is in Scotland.And some live there so i will visit them and i might see YOU!From Lexie p.s i hope you have not forgot me.

Nick said...

Hi Charlotte
do you like new house.cory and i mis you.when are you going to came back.

Georgia L said...

Hi Charlotte

Rember me I was the first person to show you around school. Hope your having a good time in Engleand

Bye xxoo

From Georgia

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